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Started by ADMIN 2019-09-11 at 13:10
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Hello ClixFamily,

As you all know that now ClixCare Group is one of the largest group in PTC industry and that is the main reason of yesterday maintenance because we migrated into higher server plan and now the page speed of the site is faster than before.

We are so happy that our all members are working with fully satisfaction on our all sites and its all happens cause of good communication with each other, so don`t forget to join our WhatsApp group for more strong relation and try to also be active in forum to communicate with each other and reply on our latest posts.

We always make you believe that we are here for long term business plan with serious professional team, we announce so many promotions for our members because we know that members cannot make profit in PTC industry so in that way they can make some profit for them selves and that is the proud moment for us that our all members are making great profit with fully satisfaction services by us.

We are also making some changes on our Promotion schedule cause of so many members request and it will be update soon.

Best Regards,
Administration Of ClixCare Group.
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Yes. The Site Is Working Faster.
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Hello. Do You Know My Name Is Araf Mohammad Srestha Khan? I Am Only 13+ Years Old. The Account Is Created By My Fathers Name And Email. In Every PTC I Work And Create The Account But With My Fathers Name. I Invest And Work.
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thank's admin, long live to clixcare
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Thank you so much dear admin . This is the Best site I have ever seen in ptc sites .I love CLIXCARE
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Hello admin,
long live ClixCare group
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Thanks Admin. How do we join the whatsapp group?
Where is the invitation or telephone number to use
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great!!!!!!! attractive ptc i have ever seen

long live clixcare groups
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